Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeing Double

On this slow Sunday morning folding laundry, I was watching some largely mediocre show on the SyFy Channel called "Merlin" only this one has all the characters switched around. Nimueh was evil instead of Morgan le Fay/Morgana, and Guinevere is playing a handmaiden for Morgana for crying out loud. Someone please reread some Chrétien de Troyes or Geoffrey of Monmouth already!

 (A side note which pisses me off in the extreme: the switch to "SyFy". What was wrong with SciFi? That is how humans have abbreviated Science Fiction for ALL TIME. You have made up something that looks, at best, like a reject from the Periodic Table for your new logo. FAIL on all counts.)

Anyway, I was watching this show just to pass the time, when I realized that one of the actresses is an amazing doppelgänger for Keira Knightly. I have written about my own doppelgänger before, but that was just one lucky photo. This is truly shocking if no tabloids have mentioned it before. (I don't read magazines much beyond the Dining Out section of Time Out New York...)
The actresses name is Katie McGrath, born in Dublin two years before Keira Knightly. And happily, she weighs more than 100 lbs, managing to be slim while still having curves.
Anyway, maybe I'm late to the party of realizing how much these two actresses look alike, but I thought I'd just post a few pictures for evidence in case I have made some kind of breaking discovery.

Katie McGrath as Guinevere.

Keira Knightly... starting that semi-pout thing.


Keira, displeased with sunlight.

Katie (looking a little Jennifer Connelly as well)
Keira... still doing that damned pout thing. Yes, we get it. You can make a sexy moue with your lips.

So, I'm not crazy, right? These two have shockingly similar faces. The cheekbones, jawlines, and noses are all incredibly similar in my eyes. Keira has pointier arches in her eyebrows, but really that's the biggest structural difference I see.

Anyway, I was just kind of mesmerized while watching the terrible show, and felt like passing along my discovery. Even if the rest of the world already knew it. In which case... oh well.
I guess I'm just fashionably late.

I promise more food posts coming soon.


Chuck said...

I too thought there was no need to change the SciFi logo. Seems very contrived unnecessary.

Yes they are separated at birth.

Erin said...

The Monkey See blog on NPR had a pretty funny rant about the SciFi/SyFy change whenever it happened... and yes, they do look amazingly similar! Strange...

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

Uncanny similarity, really. I've always thought so...

Jordan said...

I am forever getting Keira and Natalie Portman mixed up. They are both beautiful faces on scarecrow bodies.

Jennifer said...

I can clear up the SyFy mystery for you, actually. The channel-previously-known-as-Sci-Fi had several executives who felt it was demeaning to cater to an audience of science fiction fans (some even went so far as to go on at length while interviewing job candidates about how they're really trying to get away from the whole "nerd who doesn't shower" demographic). The change to SyFy was meant specifically to distance the channel from science fiction and give them a little more leeway to cater to a more mainstream audience. Apparently they failed to take into account the fact that SyFy looks like vernacular for syphilis.

RocknRollGourmet said...

Thank you for the explanation, Jenn. Their logic was still incredibly stupid.
Especially since 99% of their shows are 100% SciFi dorkiness.
And I enjoy them.