Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Perfect Casting

I just saw the greatest commercial!
(Followed by the worst commercial... you know the one with the sad music and all the mistreated animals and you shout at the TV "I'll rescue them! I'll rescue THEM ALL!! Just stop making me look at their sad little faces!!" Yeah, that one.)

Anyway, the great commercial. We've all seen commercials for things like magic mops, robes that are worn backwards on the couch, and things like automated soap dispensers for people who are so backward that they shoot their regular pump-dispenser across the room just trying to wash their hands. Well, this is kind of another one of those ads, only they got the perfect person to do the voice over:
Gilbert Gottfried!!!!
You can't tell if he's really hawking the product, or just mocking every commercial that makes a human look too stupid to use a light switch without electrocuting themselves.


Page said...

YES! (to both your acknowledgment of this commercial and the fact that I am now able to read your blog!) This commercial is so baaaddd... (who would use Gilbert Gottfried's voice to sell anything??)

My favorite part is him saying something to the effect of "It's a shoehorn attached to a stick, that makes all the difference!"

Off to read the many Rock 'n' Roll posts I have missed...

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

I love the way he gently says "...or those with limited mobility". Well, as gently as Gilbert Gottfried can say anything.
"It's not just a shoehorn, it's a shoehorn on a stick!"
Lol.....How horribly awesome is this? Thanks for sharing.