Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing with Fire

I promised you fire in the past, and now I have delivered.
(recipe also via that link)
Quick video of my pan of brandied cherry sauce,  a flambé.

Note: it is very hard to hold a point-&-shoot camera in video mode AND control the fire in your pan. That is some shaky video. Sorry it's only 9 seconds long. I will set things on fire for longer in the future.

Also, ignore Mike's voice in the background. He is incorrectly informing his mommy of what I am doing. Grape jelly? Seriously Mike?
I guess this is why I do all the cooking...


Erin said...

Maybe I'm an idiot. Okay, I am an idiot. So this is very well user error. But every time I tried to watch the video it said it was a private video. And I was really excited about watching it!

RocknRollGourmet said...

That was my own error. It should work now. (After Facebook's publicity fiascos, I now knee-jerk click "private" on things... but that would defeat the purpose of posting this video now wouldn't it?)

Erin said...

So I went back and read the previous post...and I love how you put Sandra Lee in her place...bitch. And I make the same face when I try to open a lid to no avail. I have had duck once in my life - and the hubs loved it. Our anniversary is in 8 weeks or see (eeks! that is close.) I may be stealing your recipe! 9 seconds of fire - on purpose - is pretty impressive! Did you duck turn out perfect tonight too?

RocknRollGourmet said...

Steal away! That's why I post the recipes. Duck came out perfectly again. My method has worked three times now. As the breasts were slightly smaller, they only needed 13 min on the first side this time. If you email rocknrollgourmet I can give you specifics if there are more ???