Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Elements Are Falling, My Dear Watson

Sunday night I may have made one of the most perfect roasted chickens ever. I didn't do anything differently than normal. It just came out superbly juicy and flavorful. A 6 lb. bird cooked for an hour and a half, and I was REALLY looking forward to eating the leftovers last night. To the point where I didn't plan to do any of my usual tricks to change up the leftovers. I just wanted a repeat of last night's dinner.
In the non-disgusting way.

Since it has been pouring rain for two and a half days, I thought this would be a good time to attempt Julia's onion soup, or maybe a pot of chicken chili. I think this afternoon will be perfect for the chili.
That post will be forthcoming.

We also went to karaoke last night, which is rare. The rare part being the "we" part of that sentence. Mike is on vacation this week, so I got to drag him along with me. But he totally wanted to go because our friend Jim was there as well, and while Jim and I talk food, the two of them talk boy-talk: comics, movies, video games, etc.. And then Cathy and I just drink and laugh at them. Which tends to be what I do whenever I'm hanging out with a girl and guys are up to their own devices.
But we had a good night. See?

I think we rolled in the door around a quarter to 2... isn't there a song that goes something like that? Oh well.

Finally, I'd just like to point out that I am SO HAPPY to own Sherlock Holmes on DVD. Even if I don't think that it was all that accurate a portrayal of the characters, and that Rachel McAdams did a horrible job portraying Irene Adler, tho I blame horrible writing for most of that. It was as though they had written an action flick and then realized they needed the complication of love, so they took a character from a great Sherlock Holmes mystery ("A Scandal in Bohemia"), and just threw her in for posterity. No one bothered to research who that character really was. She's supposed to be an Opera Contralto, and the only woman to have outwitted Holmes. Instead she's just a chick who gets in trouble and tries to pull a double-cross. I found it incredibly frustrating.
However, if you just take the movie as a fun ride, it's totally worth it.
Plus, Robert Downey Jr. is oh so much fun to look at.


Jennifer said...

I still need to see that. I am intrigued by the Downey/Law of it all, but nervous about the story (I've heard it's ok at best). At least they finally made Holmes and Watson the right ages.

Erin said...

mmmm....roasted chicken. Just so you know I have actually cooked twice this week (huge for me)...and much is thanks to your inspiration!

RocknRollGourmet said...

Jenn - having taken some of the same English courses with you in college, all I can say is, don't view it as Sherlock Holmes. View it as Ironman if he were British in the 1880's and you knew nothing about the actual Ironman comic, like me. It IS a fun movie, minus the parts I have railed against. Not sure if Jude Law doesn't play a slightly too-clever Watson. Just take it as an action movie with some brains and a mostly shirtless Robert Downey Jr.

Erin - That makes me so happy. Hope the trend continues!

A Write Life said...

mmm, chicken chili. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear about it.