Friday, March 26, 2010

Music, Martinis, and Mmmmm-pizza.

This time last week, Mike and I were sunning ourselves in the 70 degree sunshine.
Today's high was about 42 and windy.
Mother Nature can be a cruel temptress. Or, just a bitch.

So last night I went out with one of my favorite people and we drank passionfruit martinis and ate yummy food and bought bottles of wine we didn't need absolutely had to have, before heading to The Bitter End for some live music.
The first person we saw perform was Sean Rowe who had a deep, mesmerizing voice, and reminded me a bit of Tom Waits. If Tom Waits played a plucky guitar and had slightly more of a pulse. He was really good tho, and I bought his cd.
There were two more acts before Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast went on, which unfortunately for me was one too many, because I needed to get up this morning to catch a train to NJ for lunch with the mother-person. Let me rephrase: I needed to wake up in a decent mood, not hungover or sleep-deprived, so I could enjoy lunch with the mother person, instead of being cranky. And I was successful in my endeavor, chatting over a 2+ hr lunch. So, I was really bummed not to get to see my friend's band play again, but I'm sure they knocked it out of the park as per usual.

The point at the end of this is to say, I'm a bit travel-weary, and will most likely whip together dinner out of leftovers including chicken, peas, and prosciutto.
If I didn't have to feed Mike as well, I'd just be eating the following:
That, kiddies, is a thin-crust pizza complete with fontina cheese, paper-thin slices of yukon gold potato, and finished with truffle oil. The smell of it when it comes out of the kitchen it is enough to make you fall off your bar stool following its lush aroma-trail. It is also served at the restaurant/bar that I have been frequenting (and bringing people to) since I moved to NYC in 2002, and at which I drank the aforementioned passionfruit martinis with the aforementioned front-runner of favorite personages.

I of course had leftovers after ordering the pizza just for myself (sometimes your favorite people have issues with carbs some days, and you just accept them in their craziness and enjoy the More For Me mentality), and I brought that baby home to enjoy another day. So, a little sizzle in a dry stainless steel pan (the truffle oil will re-release itself in the pan) and I put a lid on it for about 5 minutes so the cheese would get all melty again.
However, this pizzette still needed a little something. A little something salty to reawaken the flavors. And when you're in the Rock'n'Roll Gourmet's kitchen, you don't just reach for the kosher salt.

That's right.
You reach for the Truffle Sea Salt.
Because it is just enough to enhance the flavors already in the pizza, without being truffle-overload.
Add a glass (or two) of Marquis and we are talking seriously happy campers.

Alas, tonight, the hubs will have to survive with just chicken, peas, and prosciutto.
I think he'll live.


Jennifer said...

That looks delish, and I kind of want to make it for dinner. :)

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

That does look amazingly cool and tasty. I would never have thought of putting potatoes on a pizza like that.

RocknRollGourmet said...

Maybe I'm reading my own comments incorrectly, but I want to specify that I did not invent or even cook this pizza. I bought it from the restaurant on Great Jones that I frequent and took the leftovers home, where I reheated and doctored it.
And yes, it is super tasty. Tho it will not quench a craving for "pizza".
But the addition of Truffle Salt and drinking some bubbly alongside makes the meal pretty damned perfect.

Jennifer said...

You were entirely clear and above board. The 3000 or so miles between my kitchen and that brilliant restaurant pretty much necessitate that if I want it, I must make it, though, hence the wanting to make it. :) Extra bonus for giving me an excuse to buy truffle salt.