Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Wedding, Philly Style

I think I have eaten more cow in the past 6 days than I did the whole of last month.
First, there was a good deal on a particular cut of steak from FD, so that became dinner last week.
Then there were leftovers, which I ate for 2 days. (The hubs was already gone, and I was trying to empty the fridge before leaving, hence it lasted two days.)
Then there was the steak frites w/ truffle french fries at the Rehearsal Dinner on Friday. (I highly suspect that place used the truffle salt from Secret Stash...)
Then there was sliced steak w/ a delicious tomato relish at the wedding. (And I successfully begged the recipe for the tomato relish from the caterer.)
Finally, on Sunday afternoon, after a trip to the Philly Museum of Fine Art, we ate at El Vez and shared Macho Nachos (which come w/ steak) and the Carnitas.

Granted, I could have opted for chicken at both the rehearsal and the wedding... but since I cook chicken at home all the time, I opted for red meat at every turn. Fingers crossed my heart keeps beating at a steady clip.

I'll get back to food blogging later this week, but first, some pictures of the dashing couple and the weekend in Philly.
The lovely couple

Beautiful dress

The hubs (as Best Man) playing with, sparklers.

Then at the Museum I actually took pictures of some of the paintings I really liked, which I almost never do.
This is a close-up of a painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw. In person it was rather astounding.
(Click to enlarge. I am fascinated by people who can paint things that look like photographs.)

Face of a Woman by André Lhote

Little Dancer by Degas

"The Flirt" by Toulouse-Loutrec

A lovely Monet

"Man with a Violin" by Picasso.

So not only did we get to slide a little culture into our wedding weekend, we got to hide from the heat in a well air-conditioned building. Double smarts.

Should any of you be in Philly, I would definitely recommend eating at El Vez if you enjoy Mexican food. If they had a sister restaurant in NYC, the hubs and I would be there weekly.
But another perk of that restaurant is that it has a photo booth in the back, so of course we had to take advantage and create another memory.
(Ignoring the smudge down the middle...)
 Ain't we cute?

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Chuck said...

Great shots from what sounds like a great weekend...I still think you have to be high to see what Picasso paints!