Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marketing Fail

Ok, this is seriously F*cked Up.

As previously mentioned, I have two cats. Byron, who is extremely lovable, but in no way smart. He will also eat just about anything you feed him. Unfortunately, he is allergic to all things seafood, so I have to be very careful about what I buy or else we end up with Spastic Colon Kitty, which is in NO WAY cute or fun.
On the other hand we have Keats, who can eat anything she wants. Unfortunately, she doesn't want much. She's incredibly fussy, and additionally she sometimes will not eat if you are in the room with her. I think that stems from the crazy house we got her out of - something to do with Alpha Females and her definitely not being one of them. But there is one thing she will eat:
She freaking loves these things. They are like kitty-crack for her, and if I let her, they would be all she ever ate. If I leave a bag on the counter she will eat right through the bag so she can get the treats. She's obsessed, and lets me know about it at Treat O'Clock every day.
The only down side for her is that she has to stick to the beef and chicken flavors because of Dippy.

But that's not the point.

Look at the label. It's a silly cat laying on its back, dreaming of the crunchy treats it loves. Harmless. What you would expect.

Well, I got a new shipment of treats the other day, and they have changed the design on the bag.
How twisted is this?!?! "Whoohoo, got your tail feathers! Next I'm gonna eatcha!" And the bird looks happy! Like it's a game!
And the Beef ones are just as bad!
(*More exclamation points!!!!!!!!)

Yum! I am SITTING ON MY UNWITTING DINNER! Look at how vacant the cow looks! I'm just chewing my cud, unaware that there is a cat with full bib & silverware sitting on my back. (Last I checked, cats didn't have thumbs, so can't use silverware. In fact, if they DID have thumbs, they wouldn't need us at all because they could open their own cans of food.)

I'm just saying, marketing people at Whiskas: You are F*CKED UP!!!


Jennifer said...

That's appalling. Who approved that?

Maybe they can do a play on "kitty crack" next. I'm thinking a nice cartoon of a strung out Abyssinian turning tricks for treats.

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

Nothing says "Yum!" like carnage.

They might as well show real photos of lions in their natural habitat taking down a gazelle.

Lily Ruth's Mama said...

I used to love to feed these to my guys. Um, I don't think I could buy a bag of those new ones. It's freaking me out.

I switched to Feline Greenies a while ago. Have you tried those? My boy cats go GAGA for them - even the picky one - AND, the packaging is non-offensive :-)

throwing out the carnage said...

that's funny. the last time i bought my cat these, I noticed it and almost put it back. i was worried the company might make my cats hallucinate and them put a knife and fork to me. careful, i think my cat started biting from these addictive treats. haha.