Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Somebody out there likes me!!!

Well, more than one somebody apparently. So thank you all right off for checking back in and reading about what I'm up to in the kitchen or just generally up to.
Amanda, who seems to be an awesome crazy chick who loves cats and drinks tequila while blogging, sent me the Beautiful Blogger Award last week, and I have been trying to sit down and write the seven facts about myself in between cooking and regular thoughts passing through my brain.
She also wrote the following about me, which made me smile OH SO wide, which is why I need to share it with the rest of you:
"The Chick at Rock'n'Roll Gourmet. Not your typical cooking blog,  her pictures and descriptions  are so mouthwatering you can almost cyber taste the dishes she whips up. She chefs it up in true rocker style"
I aim to please, Amanda. Glad to be (somewhat) successful at something I enjoy. 

So! The seven facts about me that I came up with:

1- I have never had a manicure. I am 30 years old, and even before my wedding, I did not get a manicure. Basically, my fingernails are so flimsy, and I am so active with my hands, that there is just no point in paying someone to do my nails. Don't worry. I trim and file them regularly. I'm not walking around with torn talons or anything. I just don't put in the extra effort to make my nails works of art.
 Plus, I never like the color I pick to paint them after the first hour.

2- I have never broken a bone. I have sprained, strained, twisted, bruised, concussed, jammed, and mystery-injured many body parts over the years, but I have never broken a bone. Knock on wood it continues that way. (Tho they say breaks always heal better than all the things I just listed, so that explains a lot of my overall "brokenness" as Mike calls it.)

3- I have caught line-drives with both my neck and my bare hand. I do not recommend either if you can avoid it.

4- I still get car-sick. Cab drivers are frequently evil. Sometimes even the subway will do it when it sways between track lines. It sucks.

5 - The older I get, the less I like children. When I was a teenager and taught sailing to little kids, it was fine and I liked most of them. But over time it's almost as though I wore out my tolerance. Luckily, my husband (the teacher...) feels largely the same way.
That came out wrong.

6 - While I would not actually be diagnosed with dyslexia by a doctor, I invert letters and numbers I read, just like many people w/ dyslexia, but I have taken it a step further on occasion. I will invert the letters in words that I hand-write. Not just typing where your fingers are used to certain patterns on the keys. I actually wrote an entire U.S. History A.P. exam essay, by hand, and wrote "mowen" instead of "women" every time. The subject was Women in History. This was a big boo boo.

7 - Even tho I grew up a tomboy and played all kinds of sports, I have never been a runner. I could sprint just fine, but then I was done. To this day, I cannot run a mile all together. If I were being chased by a bear, or a person with a gun, or a bear holding a shark, I would have to bludgeon another person just so they would fall behind and I would not be the one eaten.

Fascinating, I know.
Now to pass along the award... I'm supposed to pass this along to 5 other blogs I read and enjoy. The problem is that at the moment, I mostly read blogs/reviews like Italian Wine Merchants and things of that ilk. I will pass it along to who I do read tho:
Living Shallow, Living Well does not fail to crack me up when I read her thoughts and stories.
Think On It and I have a lot of ideas in common, and she also loves bacon, so that makes her automatically awesome.
- Joe at Your Italian Grandma is one of the only regular cooking blogs I check, and frankly he seems a very interesting character, so I'd be interested in what 7 facts he chose to share.
- And finally, the amazing Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown, which is the very first food blog I ever read, and possibly only the second blog I ever read.

If you are a regular reader here and have a blog to share, just leave a comment, and I will try to stop by and see what you're up to as well. Until then, thanks for stopping by and showing the love.

My favorite Chicken Chili recipe coming soon...


Lucky Punk said...

Congrats on your award! I agree that your cooking is rockin', but I also like the little glimpses of your life that we get along the way. Like your husband the teacher who doesn't like kids (I know you didn't mean it that way, and I'm sure he actually likes kids a lot - in the workplace).

Erin said...

No mani? No, worries, it sort of a silly expense since once you get one you have to get one every three weeks or so. I have never broken a bone either and sort of feel like I'm missing out. On what? I don't know. Being part of the broken bone club I guess. I agree you are an awesome blogger and love your recipes. If you want to admire children - but from afar - you can check out my blog motherhood y'all - I swear I blog abt other things besides my kids!

Joe Ambrosino said...

Congrats, kiddo! I think your blog is beautiful too,or is it you, the actual blogger that is supposed to be beautiful? That may be true also. Whatever, thanks for the plug.

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

Congrats on the award! Now whatever shall I write? You and I have several facts in common i.e. never broken a bone, never had a manicure, etc. But, I'll have to think of seven original things, which for me shouldn't be too hard. Thanks for the award!

P.S. Bacon IS awesome