Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, a few things.

Friday night I got to have early birthday drinks with some girlfriends (and Mike), and had a fabulous time at one of my favorite restaurants. We then hauled our asses to Williamsburg to go to Brooklyn Bowl only to pay a $5 cover and then be told there would be no lanes available for a few hours. Putting our names in for a lane around 8:45, we then went back out in the cold to find someplace to drink. We found a nice little hole with some tasty prosecco, and Wii Bowling! So fun was had but by 11 we knew we were beat and headed back to Manhattan. On the 2 train, we sat across from this guy:

Which kind of made the back and forth subway riding TOTALLY worth it.

And the kicker, of course, is that Brooklyn Bowl finally called my phone at 12:35 to tell me our lane was available. (However, I now have the secret bowling phone number that leads to a human for future use. Yes!)

Saturday night found us at The Highline Ballroom, seated at tables with full dinner menus and fancy overpriced cocktails and bottle service.

We are so. not. bottle. service.

But we enjoyed ourselves and the show put on by Lady Rizo and the Assettes, who went to high school with Mike. (Just Lady Rizo. Mike did not go to a Burlesque Prep High School.) So that meet-and-greet was interesting. And I really did enjoy the show. At least, the parts where I wasn't comparing my own non-burlesque-ready hind quarters to the very impressive ones on stage.

Apparently I am an equine, because I have hind quarters.

So Valentine's Day romance was a set of surprise tickets to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. Cuz Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Tim Burton's artwork.

I feel a bit like this right now, tho not at Mike, and for why, see below...I sincerely hope I do not feel like this by the end of my  night...

But we also wandered around and saw Starry Night and some Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, so it was a well-rounded trip. Tho whoever got to put the "empty shoe box" exhibit there, or the one that is an empty room with one clear Dannon yogurt lid in the middle of each of the 4 walls, needs to be killed slowly and painfully. I don't care what argument you make. That Is Not Art!!!

While I should not be blogging right now, and rather should be making a fantastic steak dinner with crispy roasted potatoes for my Valentine, I had to mention one last thing.

You all CLEARLY do not care about me because the previously mentioned snow is arriving, and I shall lose toes (as shall all of you) and more to the point, my mother has cancelled dinner. At least, she has cancelled her own attendance and that of my dad. AND they want to come in and have lunch instead now, which means I cannot sleep in on my birthday, or spend the day shaving legs, painting nails, quaffing my hair, and doing all the girly things I was going to do to make myself look fabulous for my 30th Birthday Party. Instead it will be stressed-out Chessa day.
I know it's not that big a deal, and I should be happy my family wants to be with me (I have given my brother an "out" for lunch obligations) but when you plan a very early dinner so that you can see your family, and then they cancel due to the prediction 2-4" of snow that may or may not start falling around dinner time... it is frustrating to say the least.

Frustration, cancellations, snow, and revised schedule aside - I am still having dinner at Scarpetta. Yes!

And I shall look fabulous doing so. Photos and birthday shenanigans photos to follow.

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