Monday, February 22, 2010

Soup Crock(le) Debacle


Thanks to my awesome friend Jenn, I have discovered that Le Creuset DOES in fact make various colors of soup crock. Now the only problem is which one to pick???

Here is the aforementioned boring brown we all know:

And his stubby, pint-sized friend:
There is just nothing appetizing about that. Not to mention the strange knobby handle that also makes it looks like a teapot with enhancement issues.

So really, the question I pose to all of you is this: What color?



Or should I hold out for them to also come out in the newest shades of pale "Lilac" and the darker purple "Cassis" which I can only find a picture of here.

But then look at how cute this is!
This could actually be the answer to my problem! Or is it too big for single-serving soup? What the hell is a mini cocotte?

I also found these as possibly in the running, but they did a bait and switch on me because they were shown in a pretty pale blue w/ navy trim, but then I could only find them in this cream w/ black, or brown.
This lovely item is the Paula Deen Low Country Soup bowl.


Run far away.


Since that was quite scary, and I didn't mean to do that to you, I shall end with these adorable little numbers, also from Le Creuset.

My, what adorable little berries you have!

Get your mind out of the gutter!

They are supposed to be bakeware but I can only imagine using them as containers of various jams served in some quaint country breakfast setting complete with scones and crumpets and Devonshire cream.

I just love the squat little blueberry, tho!!! (and just realized he reminds me of Boo from Super Mario only he's missing his face and giant tongue...)

While I am considering waiting on the Cassis soup bowl because I am such a sucker for most things purple, I would honestly like to know how people would vote. So scroll back to the top of this blog post and vote in that little box on the right! And someone explain to me what a cocotte is because when I looked it up online it said,
1. (Cookery) a small fireproof dish in which individual portions of food are cooked and served
2. a prostitute or promiscuous woman

Well thank you, I guessed at definition #1 because it was made by Le Creuset, and #2 shut your mouth I'm a married woman!

But go vote and tell me what color covered in bubbling browning cheese would make you happiest when served my Fabulous French Onion Soup!


Corriev said...

You should definitely hold out for the Cassis. I am however, also partial to dijon.

Jennifer said...

For me personally I'd go for the cobalt, but I'd say in this case the white. I don't see any info telling us when they're going to bring out the Cassis or Lilac, and it would be a shame to have have to put off your cooking goal indefinitely. The white will go with pretty much any other color you choose to put on your table (perhaps, say, a lovely deep purple tablecloth).

Sassy said...

Cherry! You know how I love red.