Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Intro, step 1

So, what to say. I haven't even told anyone I'm writing this blog yet. But essentially I plan to outline more of my penchant for cooking and update what I'm making for dinner, etc, in a location that is not Facebook. And maybe rant about stupid people, and horrible fashion (sorry Sassy) and anything else that irks me or is flooding through my rapidly addling mind.

So, starting with last nights dinner:
The penne with veal ragu at Giorgio's was worth every calorie-laden bite. So much so that I just ate the leftovers for lunch. My good friend Jim is a regular there and after hearing so many stories of fabulous food, the hubby and I went to discover some of the goods for ourselves. I tried using Restaurant Week as the excuse for this trip, but I wanted things off the regular menu, so I shot myself in the foot on that front. However, everything we ordered was delicious, and the S'mores brownie sundae whatever-it-is is beyond delicious. A little non-traditional with a drizzling of caramel sauce on top, but really, who's going to complain about that? (Fools, that's who.) My hubby had the gnocchi (which he insists on pronouncing "knock-ey" just to irritate me), and what was truly brilliant about this dish was that there was regular gnocchi on the left in a pomodoro sauce, and spinach gnocchi in an alfredo sauce on the right. So you didn't have to choose between the deliciousness. You got the best of both. I only got a bite of the spinach one, which seemed to have a strong dose of rosemary in it, which was unusual, but interesting. He also had a strawberry tart for dessert but I didn't even get a glance at what it looked like because he ate it so fast. I'm presuming it was also tasty as there was not a crumb left behind.

The rest of the night was a bit of a karaoke blur, getting home after 3AM and sneaking a few bites of the cold-from-the-fridge leftover penne. And it was goooooooooooooooooooood.

Voila. An excellent Monday night.

Should anyone accidentally come across this, forgive the bumpy start of another newbie. Now I must clean before our resident MD-in-training arrives to crash with us for another interview at another hospital (this makes his 4th time here.) If he comes in the middle of the Season Premier of "Lost" I am NOT getting up to answer the door.


Anonymous said...

Love it! So, for the LOST Premier, I am making (pardon the retardedly corny names, I just cant resist): Mango fruit salad, Jin's Salmon sashimi with ginger and hot sesame oil, Sun's Garden avocado salad, and coconut ice cream. And we'll be having Moriah Vineyards labeled (from the winery Desmond worked/met Penny at) Cab, and Dharma beer. I seriously have like 6 LOST menus planned out. Nerd!

RocknRollGourmet said...

Wow. Congrats on both being my first Comment (anonymously), and on the extensive & creative Lost prep. I am super jealous of that salmon. And the ice cream. And of course, the wine. Report back on that!

Corriev said...

The salmon was a HUGE hit - even with the non sushi like-much-less-lovers. I'll give you the recipe. I've made it a few times, and its one of my favs. Pairs beautifully with an avocado salad. Loving your blog!