Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Chuck" has a direct connection to "Awesome"

Ok, random plugging of random TV show.

(You will understand my attempt at humor in the title of this post if you have seen the show.)

If you know Mike or me, you know we love both "Firefly" and the subsequent movie Serenity. In fact, we are fans of most Joss Whedon created entertainment..."Buffy", "Angel", and even the GOD AWFUL "Dollhouse" which sucked solely because of Eliza Douchebag who is such a horrid freaking actress. Great. We get it. You have zero body fat and YET are still really buff. Very admirable. Go be a gymnast and get off my TV screen. (Although, the rest of the cast of "Dollhouse" was fairly awesome, including "Angel's" Fred and "Serenity's" Wash, only as a waaaaaaaaay more interesting character.) Plus I'm a Wesleyan alum, so it's kind of required that I be a fan of Joss Whedon. Hell, his younger brother ran out to get me some Pepto before an Ionesco show I sucked in and that I thought I was going to vomit during, so both brothers get props from me.

Mike and I watched Season 1 of "Chuck" when it first aired, and instantly liked it. And we mostly watched it because Jayne from "Firefly" was playing the same character, only smart and NSA.
"You wanna run this ship?"
"Well... you can't!"
Only this time, he can. Because he's freaking NSA. And he does the Jayne-grunt a lot. Which is fantastic. I've never heard a man who could make so many variations on a grunt. It's truly impressive.

*This is also why we watch "Castle" every week. What can we say? We're suckers for "Firefly" alumni.

So Season 1 was quite good (Hi, his best friend Morgan is such a frightening clone of Seth Green it's kind of astounding they are both in television) and we just Netflix-ed Season 2. The end of which was so fun that I literally did the Flailing Kermit Arms and HURT MYSELF hitting the bowl of popcorn I made for the season finale viewing. I have BRUISES people! It actually has hurt me to type all of these updates since Thursday night. I'm just that much of a spazz/special.

We have only just started watching Season 3 tonight (Snow Day and all...) and other than the fun of Chuck "flashing" on various skills instead of just information, and Armand Assante, they have FINALLY DE-GEEKED CHUCK'S HAIR!!! So hold-out kiddies. The forward-combed nerd-hair will eventually go away when The Asset goes 2.0.

*Amendment - Apparently Mike wanted to start watching this show NOT because of "Jayne" but because it was written by the same guy who did "O.C." and now "Gossip Girl"... I am so ashamed. Tho he giggles like a little girl every time "Jayne"/Adam Baldwin (NOT one of those Baldwins) grunts or insults Chuck in any way. 

So, while there are a number of shows that we enjoy (Lost, Bones, House, How I Met Your Mother (more Wesleyan connections) Castle, Top Gear (which will SO be blogged about soon), Burn Notice...) this is the current one we are really enjoying. Maybe you'll find a reason to discover it too!


Jennifer said...

With the exception of Lost, us early on and which we have not picked up again, I think we have been unwittingly having a bi-coastal TV viewing party several times a week. :)

I think my favorite Top Gear was when they had to drive across the desert in cars without four wheel drive.

RocknRollGourmet said...

That WAS my favorite Top Gear, until they had to drive thru Vietnam in vehicles costing £1000... which translated to motorbikes/scooters.