Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am just so amused by "Doppelgänger Week" on Facebook. Ok, it was fun at first, and everyone went to to see what celebs photos they matched up with (note: they just do the expression on your face. It ain't comparing the tilt of your eyes and the hollowness, or lack thereof, of your cheeks. Proof? I got Sophia Loren for two pics I used. Not on my BEST DAY do I look like her.) But then it went from interesting, to amusing, and on to downright absurd. Some people posted celebs that other people told them they looked like. And in many cases I could see it. Other people went the other way and picked the dorkiest incarnation of themselves they could find. Yes, yes, your self-deprecation is hilarious and noble. But there were some people who put Robert Downey Jr. (currently enjoying the apex of his lifetime of varying hotness) or Andy Garcia, or Johnny Depp, and with no ha-ha just-kidding post along side.

You may notice it's just men I'm making this comparison of extremes with, but really that's where I'm noticing it. For some of them, I've known them longer than my husband, and I have to say, if you had looked like that in real life when I first met you, we'd have a very different personal history. Others are just random people I can see, friends of friends, etc, and I just don't believe it for a second.

This also leads to my worry when someone named Dylan McDermott "friended" me yesterday. Now, I know there's the actor, and I was trying to remember if I'd gone to college with someone by that name (there's a fuzzy image in my head of someone with a similar name) but it is definitely not this guy. I clicked the link to see who he was. He lives in London. He's fairly gorgeous, but in that "I can be cruel" kind of way. So I clicked on his picture thinking, AH! It's doppelgänger week.
Nope. All his pics were of the same model-issue face.
So either I'm being punked by someone who went all-out with this doppelgänger week thing, or I'm going to be barraged by SPAM if I add him. Because there is just no way I know someone who looks like that.

Of course, the third option is that he saw my doppelgänger photo, and is into doing twins.

I think I could count on one hand how many times someone has said, "You look just like my friend." I have never seen myself in any Hollywood actress. In the 90's I got Claire Danes a few times, but what they were really saying is that I resembled her character Angela from "My So-Called Life", what with the straight cropped hair dyed shades of burgundy, lack of chest, and abundance of oversized flannel (it was the 90's!). I don't know if I'm suffering from a form of the delusion that the aforementioned males are afflicted with or what, but I just haven't found my face staring back in another celebrity.
I DID however, have a truly Patty Duke moment at a friend's wedding a few years ago. Sponsored by Tropical Storm Hannah, we were all huddled inside a tent while the grounds turned into a beautiful New England swamp. Some girl had met me briefly the night before, and noticed me wearing a purple dress at the wedding. She then proceeded to follow the fabulous Ellaree around for the rest of the evening swearing that she was the girl she'd seen in the purple dress, and refusing to be told otherwise. I have since apologized to Ellaree for her being stalked by proxy. But this is what we looked like (for at least a moment) at the wedding. You be the judge.

(I happen to think that if we'd had our heads tilted the same way, we'd look psychotic instead of oddly similar.)

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