Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Woke Up Drunk

But I did so looking fabulous. Or, Corrie and I looked fabulous before we headed out for the night that lead to me waking up drunk. See:

So last night I went out to see Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast play at The Blue Note. They were, as usual, excellent to witness. Caitlin has a fantastic voice (that I envy) and her control is something I can only aspire to. And the songs make you groove along before you even realize you're swaying.
So go check them out!

The only drawback to this was that they went on around 12:30AM... and then there's the drinking, and the waiting-for-the-after-party drinking, and the after-party drinking, and the very late cab ride home... I think I went to bed around 5:30AM. (The best is I wrote a drunken email to a friend saying I might not make this evening's entertainment because, "it's 4:98AM and I just got home." Did you know they added 40 more minutes to every hour? Because apparently when you're drunk everything rounds to 100.)
 I cannot even begin to remember the last time I went to bed at that hour.
No really. I cannot remember.
I woke up some time around noon and got out of bed, only to discover I was still drunk. Or at least still buzzed. It amused Mike that I kept saying, "I think I'm still drunk!" but I couldn't figure out what to do with myself. So eventually I decided I should probably go back to bed for a few hours.

This time when I woke up I was fairly sure I was sober again, but I'm not entirely sure now that I look back, considering the first thing I did was order spring rolls and miso soup online. Really, this spring roll thing is becoming an addiction. I think I need an intervention. I've ordered them from two differently places 4 times in the past week and a half.

There's also a long-standing issue I've had with NY Chinese food. The little place in Warren, NJ that I went to all the time with my family remains the standard by which I judge all take-out Chinese. They always had the best spring rolls, filled with real pork and shrimp and vegetables. (I CANNOT STAND the under-fried, soggy, greasy rolls filled with just shredded cabbage and black pepper that seem to be the universal cheap answer. They are disgusting.) Hunan's mushu was always tasty, and ginger chicken w/ green beans, and real solid chunks of chicken in their Sesame Chicken... I always know how it's going to taste (good) and it doesn't let me down. (If my brother is reading this, he is shaking his head in shame at his sister's delight in the Hunan Tea Garden. Well, it's a childhood connection and it's what I like. So :-P nyeah.) 

Ok I think the hangover is kicking in because I'm rambling on about Chinese food in NJ and losing my point.

The point is there are two places I have discovered tasty Spring Rolls around my apartment. One is a Thai restaurant that recently revamped, and now fills their rolls with whole huge pieces of shrimp and chicken and glass noodles, and they come very crispy and tasty. The other is an Asian-mix-muddle-mash-up that has a Spring Roll filled with duck and shiitake mushrooms. Also very tasty.

And I need to stop making my meals consist of just Spring Rolls and miso soup. It's like thinking you can eat the giant slab of cake because you're drinking a diet soda (also disgusting). It does not, in fact, balance out. It is just a sneaky fried food masquerading as an innocent appetizer/side. Someone get me some lean protein and a salad, STAT!!!

And maybe a mimosa...

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