Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Bananas, Late-Night

What's more fun than curling up in bed at 10PM and watching old Haunted House movies on TCM?
Making banana bread!

Ok well not really but for some reason that's what I ended up doing tonight. Sure, sure, most people like to bake when the sun is still up. Once you've cleaned up dinner, you're done with the kitchen for the night.
Not in this house. In this house we've been known to make lamb chops at midnight, and steak at 1AM. And by "we" I mean me. And they are FABULOUS! And really what man would complain that you were cooking extra deliciousness at an odd hour of the night, so long as he's still awake to enjoy it?
Tonight I just couldn't stand looking at those almost-black bananas anymore. I had promised Mike that I would turn them into banana bread but I just was unmotivated during daylight hours. And there's nothing like a less-than-suspenseful old movie and the Marquis to make you feel like doing something in the kitchen. That, and eating at very random intervals during the day.
So in under 15 min I had everything going in the oven. Tho I admit it is the most basic of banana bread recipes. No nuts (I loathe walnuts) and no chocolate chips. Just straight-up plain but it comes out moist and delicious. And the apartment smells great!

It's not exciting to describe. There's the usual "creaming" of the bananas & sugar & eggs.

Addition of flour and varying sodas, cinnamon & vanilla, oil.


Magic! They're done! (with 1 measly hour baking...)


Not an exciting post, I grant you. But Mike is extremely excited for the slice or two that I will include in his lunch tomorrow.

And whatever he is pilfering from the kitchen as I type this up...

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