Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can remember one year of high school... I think it was sophomore year... where I didn't have school on a Wednesday for something like 4-5 weeks running, because it would storm every Tuesday night ('95-'96ish). And of course the rub of it was, my Wednesday class-schedule was the best of my week so I was annoyed to miss it. But then no school at all was an improvement on any schedule I might have had.

Mike says he has had snow days in past years, but I don't really remember them. Probably because it was the kind of thing where it was done snowing by 11AM, so the plows had already shoved all the snow aside and cars made much of it slushy and gray before I could get outside to enjoy it.

Today's "blizzard" was fun because it is still snowing and will continue to do so through the night. Mike, being from Minnesota, freely mocks anyone who is actually put-out, nervous, inconvenienced, or in any way impressed by under a foot of snow. Especially if that 8-10 inch snowfall takes 24 hrs to fall. A true blizzard is multiple feet of snow, dumped fast and hard. Today was more of a Winter Wonderland, or as one friend posted online today, "Like walking into a snow-globe."

So of course we went out to play, wander, take sadly monochromatic photos (I know I can't actually have a blue sky and falling snow, but it would make for much better pictures) and basically enjoy the day.

This is the little-known ski chalet /village on W 95th street. It's very exclusive.

 Artsy snow-covered ivy.

Continuing in the artsy trend.

Cold birdies.
You can, in fact, sled in Riverside Park.

I realized later what was missing from this image:

Lunch Trays.

I took way too many pictures of lamp posts.

I love how the Sailor's memorial almost looks like a sketch here, rather than an actual photograph. Or so I think.
  Mike, unwittingly being art-y waiting for me to take a previous photo.
  Mike was kind of in over his head with this snowball.

Now, did they give this snowman hands? Or is he just in the middle of a slightly cannibalistic snowball/hand fight?

Does that snowman have hair, or a Greek crown of laurel?

Or is he just Larry from the Three Stooges?

A very happy puppy, well-equipped for the weather.

(There were a LOT of happy puppies frolicking about.)
Snow can even make barbed-wire look pretty.

And finally, the snowy couple. Ain't we cute?

Somehow I think the trim on the hood of my coat has expanded over the past 5 years. I don't remember it being so massive and Nanook-like when I first got it. Soon it will devour my whole head. Oh well.

Part of me remains a kid and gets overly excited at Snow Days, or just a good snowfall in general. I never get tired of of the magic it brings with it. Maybe that's also because I've never lived in a state where it snows for days and weeks without end. That would probably take away some of the magic. But I get excited when I have the chance to strap on real snow-boots and wade through the drifts.
I'm odd. 
I know.
But maybe by next year we'll have a sled at the ready :)

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