Saturday, May 8, 2010

Breakfast, Broken

Lately I have been making myself real breakfasts. For someone who has professed to hate Brunch this may seem a little strange, but as I get older I find that I actually enjoy eggs in most forms, so long as they are served up with things that I like, and so long as I give my tummy enough time to wake up in order to digest without any nauseous, squidgy side effects.
The best way to make sure all of that comes together?
Make it yourself.
Preferably in a non-stick pan to avoid an oily breakfast. Cuz really, just, bleh.

Ok so this was by no means something I would typically make for breakfast, but I had bought some fresh chorizo, and I was just so excited to eat some that I decided to use it for a kind of egg & sausage breakfast.
The tragedy in this meal is that I bought fresh Mexican-style chorizo, whereas the chorizo that I covet and devoured as a child is the Spanish-style chorizo. But of course I didn't really realize this until after I had browned this one piece up, and by then it was a little late to adjust.
(However, I have a wonderful solution to this problem that I plan to implement for dinner this evening. It involves lots and lots of garlic, natch.)

In the pan with the (meagerly) flavored drippings of the chorizo I scrambled up an egg, simply seasoned with salt. (Yes, this would have been an opportune time to put other mexican flavors in my scrambled egg to tie the whole meal together. However, I was feeling like a bit of a purist and just wanted to taste egg in my egg. But a little cayenne, cumin, and paprika probably would have made this a Brunch-worthy dish.) In the back (and because my brain requires vegetables at just about every meal) I put a little mesclun salad dressed w/ lemon juice, salt, and good olive oil to balance out the sausage. It worked nicely in placating my brain.
And if it looks like I ate half of my eggs before taking the photo, you would be mistaken. My tummy remains a bit sensitive, so I only make the one egg for myself, and it just looks very small and sad compared to the rest.
Happily, it was not small and sad. It was light and fluffy and softly scrambled perfectly. And exactly the amount of egg that I can eat for breakfast before my tummy goes squidgy.
However, if this had been made with Spanish-style chorizo, it would have gotten two gold stars for Awesomely Tasty.


Joe Ambrosino said...

I share your disappointment with the taste of Mexican chorizo.Might I suggest a good sopresata as an alternative? I don't know where you find good chorizo in Brooklyn, but there are several places to get quality sopresata.

RocknRollGourmet said...

Well as I'm on the Upper UWS, I have a few places that carry lovely selections of meats and sausages without hauling out to Brooklyn! I simply made the mistake of picking up this last batch, lured by it being on sale. But I do enjoy sopresata in antipasti plates!

However, the dinner I made out of the rest of the sausage, heavily doctored, (post to come) was definitely a success.