Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mama's Got A Brand New... Mitt

I have Jury Duty today. Considering that last time I was called for Jury Duty they made us all sit in a room, watch a video of a "witch trial" and how things may or may not have changed since then, and then denied us food, water, and telephones for hours on end, I consider Jury Duty to be Grown-Up Detention.

Since my day shall be as boring as watching paint dry, I thought I'd toss in an appropriately dull post.

You know you need new oven mitts when yours look like this:
Stuffing coming out of the thumb. 
Stuffing coming out of the forefinger. 
Generally decrepit and gross. Oven Mitt Fail.
While my Dansk mitts served me well for about 8 years, they have been deep-sixed in favor of the spankin' new 17" mitts that have taken their place hanging inside the cabinet by the stove.
And yes, I need the long mitts. 
I like the flesh of my forearms to stay on my forearms. 
Intact and with the promise of future freckling.
That is all.


Chuck said...

I have one mitt that looks worse than that...don't know where the other one ended up though. And one Ove'Glove which is super badass and makes me a super hero when taking hot shit out of the oven! Even my wife loves the Glove and she doesn't even cook!!

Jennifer said...

I most wholeheartedly support new mitts, and have the scars to support long ones.

Do we get a picture of the new mitts?

Good luck with jury! May you not be chosen to serve, and may there be no burning at the stake!

RocknRollGourmet said...

The OveGlove looks pretty badass, but I would sear the flesh off my forearms when basting a chicken with something so short.

Jenn - new gloves are simple and black and from C&B because they sell a pan handle sleeve that matches that I have wanted for a while for when I take my tenderloins in their pan, etc, out of the oven and fear for foolish hubs and unaware whiskers.

There are no silly themes of roosters or fish, etc. Just solid black replacing solid red.

RocknRollGourmet said...

Also, Chuck, if you have a mitt that looks WORSE than that, it is no longer serving its purpose. Dispose of it and please purchase something that will actually protect human flesh from 400+ degree temperatures.