Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hangover Prevention

The best Defense is a good Offense.
Or so I've heard somewhere along the way.

My friend Chris linked me a few weeks ago to a stunning article claiming that eating asparagus can prevent hangovers, as well as possibly reduce the effects of a hangover that you already have.


That's the kind of thing that you assume would spread like wildfire. Especially among college crowds.
"Welcome to WestCo 1. This will be your dorm for the year, here is a list of the items you are not allowed to keep in your room for safety reasons, and asparagus can prevent hangovers. See you at Mocon!"
That should absolutely be how college starts.

People have their own ways of dealing with alcoholic over-indulgence: 2 aspirin and chugging water before sleep, eating bread, eating greasy food (some scientific merit to that one actually), waking up and start drinking again/Hair of the Dog (I do not endorse this one), or, you know, NOT drinking to excess... which, like so many plans, doesn't always work out.
The New Plan: Eat Your Vegetables!!
For those who would like to explore this new Asparagus Plan, you can read the science-y bits here:
Planet Green
Medical News Today
Or, you know, just Google it.

Anyhoo, I sort of tried to put this to the test this weekend since I had a birthday party in Brooklyn from which I did not return until after 2AM, and last night I sang and hung out with friends and got home at 4AM again... I think what I really need is a magic vegetable that turns 5 hrs sleep into 10.
(Work on that, scientists, ok? After you cure cancer and solve world hunger and global warming. You know. When you get a minute.)

For now, though, I'll settle for a magic vegetable that protects my liver.
(cue insipid cooing voice: "Gooooood liver. Mommy loves you so she eats her veggies. Yes she does!")

Saturday night I ate about 8 spears of asparagus with my dinner, and I woke up on Sunday (post birthday shenanigans) feelin' fine. Yesterday I only ate them with breakfast, so the events of eating the asparagus and being out drinking may have been too far apart, but aside from the fact that I only got 5 hrs of sleep, I feel pretty OK today as well.
(Not that I over-indulged. That would be to laugh!)

So, the recipe part of this post.
Could not be simpler.
Four asparagus spears, chopped and cooked on medium high in a non-stick pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil, and seasoned with garlic salt. Cook until just starting to brown but still firm, about 5 minutes.

Remove asparagus to your plate (without pouring the oil onto your plate) and cook an egg in your preferred style. Season to taste.
I went with over-easy this time.
Cuz I'm a Rebel.

I tried to break the yolk to make the picture more colorful, but instead it just looks a mess.
Oh well.
What really would have made this a delicious meal would be some smoked salmon under the asparagus. Sadly, I had no smoked salmon, and I don't go out or run errands before breakfast. So I just had to suffer.
But I hope you take this new-found revelation and that it prevents future suffering in your life!
(see how I tied that last bit together?)
Eat (asparagus), Drink, & Be Merry!


MrsDixon said...

I have never heard of this before but will be trying asap!!! This looks delightful! Great blog!

Joe Ambrosino said...

How about drinking Bloody Marys with asparagus spears in them as stirrers? Then, you could get drunk and take care of the after effects simultaneously!

Eftychia said...

Interesting post! Thanks for the info...