Saturday, May 8, 2010

Awake During the Not-Awake Hours

It is after 4 in the morning, and while I am clearly awake, I am not just getting home from something fun.
Neither am I awake in order to catch a flight to a lovely location (one of the other Only Reasons It Is OK To Be Up Before Dawn).
Rather, this is the 4th night/morning in a row in which I have woken up between 2 & 3 AM and struggled to get back to sleep.
This time, around 3:30, I just got up.

(FYI - my cats are loving that I am awake and are chasing each other pell-mell around my living room. Nocturnal animals are just nutty.
Also, I don't think you can really consider a cat to be nocturnal, considering they sleep about 18 out of every 24 hours. They are more of a "selectively awake" creature.)

First, I made a list of what I was thinking about, in the hopes that I would be able to stop thinking and actually fall back asleep.
No such luck.

Next, I decided to make myself a snack, but as the hubs is sleeping (like a sane human) I could not do anything that involved clattering, pots or pans, etc. So I decided on a sandwich.
But of course, being me, I couldn't just make a PB&J.
I had to do something that took more effort. So:
Whole wheat bread, spread with some fromage blanc (don't have cream cheese at the moment, so went with the yogurt-y tang instead), thinly sliced cucumber, fresh dill, smoked salmon, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Not half bad.
Not as good as still being asleep in my comfy bed, but not bad.

And no pictures because I am not setting off a flash at 4AM.

I shall now try to read more of a truly sub-par book in the hopes that it will put me to sleep from sheer boredom. It's called "Savage Lands" about French settlers in 1704 Louisiana. The book jacket made it sound interesting while I was at the library with a two-sided plot that eventually joins together.
 The book jacket LIED!!! 
But I am extremely stubborn when it comes to books, and for some reason, unless it is truly the worst dreck ever published, I feel the need to finish the book and see how it ends.

Finally: Aw Crud. The birdies have just begun their morning chirping. Daylight is on its way. Something tells me I shall have a very lazy Saturday...


kellyhellcat said...

that's a bummer about the no sleep but the sandwich sounded effing brilliant! i would be more likely to bike off a big chunk of cheese and then swallow a ball of bread at that time of the morning.

all about the list-making though! well done!


Joe Ambrosino said...

Nice sandwich. Next time,try warm milk (you know, for the tryptophan?)

RocknRollGourmet said...

I would have tried the hot milk except that would have required clanging a pot, and while the hubs and I cannot hear each other from one room to the next, for some reason all sounds from the kitchen (around at least 3 corners) echo into the bedroom as though they were one room. It's crazy.

Before finally falling back asleep around 6:45, I did manage to write down at least 4 recipes that were jangling around in my mind. So that's something productive gotten out of it.
Tho I find sleep INCREDIBLY productive to life.