Friday, April 9, 2010

You Too Can Grow Fresh Herbs And Flowers!

I haven't had much in the way of cooking to post about this week. And when we ate out, it wasn't really anyplace to blog about (tho last night did include bacon cheeseburgers with the winner of this season's Shear Genius. Ultimate of random, I know, but the hubs has been friends w/ her boyfriend for about a decade, and they were in town celebrating her success so, they squeezed us in for burgers in the Meatpacking District.)

Anyhoo, a couple Christmases ago my in-laws gave me an Aerogarden. Some of you may roll your eyes, but when you like to cook and you live in a NYC apartment with no sunlight, it is impossible to grow fresh herbs, and so this is actually very convenient.
I took a break over the winter, not growing anything, but with Summer approaching, I thought it was time to get the fresh basil going.
So today I installed new grow lights and set 'er up.
Perched precariously in my kitchen window.

Looks as though I should probably dust the top a bit better...

There are only two domes because I am only growing basil this time around. And once it gets going, it takes up A LOT of space. So, two domes, spread out.
I will update you when the adorable little shoots come popping up. And you can see my lack of gardening skill as it grows.

Try to keep calm in the interim. I know the excitement is going to be hard to bear.

Side note: There has been an enormous crane noisily hauling pallets of "material" onto my roof all day. Now, our roof is finished quite nicely (at least it was last Summer) with a view of the river, so I do not know what all is being hauled up there or why. I am slightly concerned as to what is being planned up there.
What this does tell me is that it will still be quite some time before the roof opens up again.


Jennifer said...

That's a fantastic idea. Even out here growing herbs can be difficult (I have killed so much basil I'm probably on a most-wanted list right up there with herbicides and curious house cats).

Erin said...

yay for fresh herbs. yumm-o. I am working on building my flower beds sp maybe I should plant some herbs too....

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

I really need to get back in to growing herbs again myself. But, we are planning on moving soon and I just know they'll be sacrificed to the moving God if I try to set that up now. :(

Mainland Streel said...

Aww, this makes me happy. I just started my own herb garden and am hoping I get some shoots. I don't seem to have a problem growing flowers, so I hope I do just as well with herbs. I'm growing some basil too, and cinnamon basil! I'd love to see how your shoots are coming along. :)