Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness

Witness the cute that is the sleeping cat:
Do not click to enlarge... the cuteness is so strong it will go out of focus for your own safety...
Camouflaged by the giant pile of beige blanket, he feels secure.
Plus, he's got his teddy.
(Yes, the teddy's foot says Tempur-Pedic®. We got him for free when we bought our mattress a few years ago. And he's super soft and squishy too.)

As do most pet-owners, I have enough pictures to create a decade's worth of "Daily Dose of Cuteness" blog posts. But I will try to restrain myself.
This weekend: Tangy Asian Chicken!
You WILL like it.

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Joanna Hennessy said...

The paws alone are worthy of a submission to!