Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up, Even Tho It's Still Going...

The Rock'n'Roll part of my title is in full effect this weekend. Gourmet, not to be outdone, includes dinners I've eaten while out.

Friday Night - drinks with one friend, with munchies like a crostini of chicken liver paté w/ caramelized onions, and a pizzetta with speck and manilla clams. Delish.  Dinner with another friend, in spite of the pouring rain, included bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, BBQ'd pork belly, and olive oil poached black cod.
And I did not take photos as I do not have the subtlety of an iPhone, or even a "smart" phone.

Saturday Night - Made a large pot of potato-leek soup (will post shortly) followed by Bachelorette Partying in Brooklyn with designer pizza and schmancy drinks.
Lots of schmancy drinks
Aaaand my husband crashed the party because the bride is one of his best friends. And it was an excuse for him to hang out at Barcade for a while. (He got yesterday's high score on Ms. Pac Man. At least as of 11PM. He was quite proud.)

Sunday Night - I plan on making some fabulous chicken thighs and roasted vegetables. I just haven't figured out the "fabulous" aspect just yet.
Later tonight, there will be a Karaoke Birthday party for my friend Lucas. His birthdays are usually pretty epic, and he's one of the nicest (and hottest) humans I know. The hot thing is secondary, like icing on the cake.
A rather hot cake that we make take off his shirt whenever he's singing.
If you're good, I'll post pics of that later too... ;)
When I wake up from the coma-nap I'm going to need to take on Monday.

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Erin said...

You have very cute hair! And be sure to post your fab chicken & veggies recipe... sounds like something I can actually handle :)