Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok, I was damned close on my predictions of how I would survive my "day of healthy eating post two days of über fattening mac and cheese". I was only off by about 20 minutes. If that.
My day went as follows:
Breakfast - steamed broccoli w/ olive oil, garlic salt, and a poached egg on top. (Angelic or what?)
Lunch - leftover onion soup, sans cheese. Delicious.
Dinner (almost an hour early. I was HUNGRY!) - the now-famous Duck Breast recipe, complete w/ cherry sauce and roasted carrots. (Once you carve away the skin/fat, it's not an unhealthy dinner option.)

Post dinner snackage - complete w/ The Marquis, about 6 thin slices of "sandwich" pepperoni (I know this happened just after 9PM because I was on the phone w/ my mom, checking in, right before 9PM, to tell her about a Miss Marple starting on PBS at 9...) followed by about 8 diced chunks of fresh pineapple... followed by one of the greatest orzo dishes ever concocted.
And YES that means I had to actually cook the damned dish, not just snack on something readily available.
But at least I only ate a couple spoonfuls, packed with peas. The rest is in the fridge... for future snacking.
Plus, writing about it has guilted me into stopping eating.
Oh well.
At least I know myself.

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