Monday, April 19, 2010

Star Wars Karaoke

Just don't confuse your microphone with your lightsaber.

Oof. I got home from Karaoke Birthday Celebrations just after 4AM this morning. Shockingly I am not hungover today. Merely sleep-deprived and confused at how fast today is going by (waking up in the early PM, what with going to bed at 4:30AM, with a few interruptions by the cats. They even tried to wake me by knocking over my mirror. All that accomplished was me stumbling to the bedroom door and locking them out. Ha!) 
And I get Good Wife Points for making the hubs's lunch at 4:15AM, so he would not be hungry today.

Being a long night of singing with good friends, as well as people I met during the first year after I moved to NYC but haven't seen in a few years, there was a lot of reminiscing. And a LOT of singing.

Trying to remember all the songs I sang last night... let's see:
Jet City Woman - Queensryche
What About Love - Heart (requested by birthday boy)
Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog (the Chris Cornell half of the song)
Hot 'n Cold - Katy Perry
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Mother, Mother - Tracy Bonham
Man In The Box - Alice in Chains (just the chorus for a friend singing it)
Gloria - Laura Branigan 

And of all those songs, I have to say "Gloria" felt the best to sing. Surprisingly, at the end of the night my voice was not shot to hell from shouting and drinking, so the notes came out solid and powerful. And also by 3AM or so the crowd had thinned enough so I could hear myself while singing, which helps immensely. (The rest of the night I couldn't hear jack.)

Time for photos!
Lucas, the birthday boy. (Note his face is on his tee instead of Han Solo)

Complete with Chewbacca cake!!

Could I be any paler or less buff?
This photo is an annual thing that goes back to when Lucas and I first met. When I still had some semblance of abdominal muscles.
Also, this would be the previously referenced "icing on cake" with forced removal of shirt.

We don't have to force him very hard. 

"Storm Trooper" helmets full of candy!

They seemed a bit more BSG than Star Wars, but, who cares?
They were full of candy!
And there were 3D glasses for some reason as well.

Basically it was a really fun night, and it was good to let out my inner Rock Star. If she gets cooped up for too long, things get ugly.
Also, the adulation of complete strangers is good for one's ego every now and again. Because they don't have to tell you you're awesome. So it means more in an incredibly shallow way.
I promise the next few posts will be about the yummy food I made this weekend.
Mmm... food.
Go eat food now.
(Yoda told me to. And you don't argue with Yoda.)


Chuck said...

You are too modest...that pic of you is a stone hot shot! Sounds and looks like a great party.

Ready for some more food stuff...

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

Dang you sung a lot of songs! I have been out to a few karaoke nights, but have never been coerced into singing. I'm not a singer, but I'm not tone deaf either, which is more than I can say for some people who decide to sing.
Star Wars themed birthday party gets five stars from me.