Monday, April 12, 2010

Patterns In The Universe

Found this photo on my camera from a while back. I had placed a pat of butter in some olive oil in a pan to melt for whatever I was about to sauté, and it melted in the following pattern:
      I thought it was so cool looking I grabbed my camera right away.

It's like a snowflake made of butter!

Not too far off.

A Spiral Butter Galaxy :)
Oh the amount of cardio you'd have to do...


Mainland Streel said...

Mmmm, sounds like my kind of galaxy. :)

Jennifer said...

If all snowflakes were made of butter I might like winter more. Except for the driving-on-buttery-streets thing, which would no doubt be pretty much impossible without snow chains and a lot of toast.

Chuck said...

Very cool buter and olive oil never turn out that good...much more evil patterns I think.

WarriorCandy said...

i has a recipe request. a non pasta or startchy vegetarian dish. got anything for me sista?

RocknRollGourmet said...

Candy - I shall work on it. I have been experimenting with quinoa, and hope to work with more polenta in the future.
Whatchu got against pasta, huh? It's all about proportions! More veg than pasta and you don't have to sweat the carbs.