Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Poached Egg Over Quinoa

I ate way too much grilled meat this weekend, as I'm sure many others did as well.
It's time to lighten up and get some healthy food back in my system.
Unfortunately, that much grilled meat also makes me feel rather sluggish, so combining that with the 90º heat makes me a very lazy cook.
Luckily lazy does not have to mean bland.

I took leftover quinoa (I always make extra as it keeps well in the fridge for quite a few days) and placed it in a ramekin (or bowl) with a bit of grated pecorino, some crumbled goat cheese that was like a smoother ricotta salata, and some chopped basil.
Mix well and form in a patty.

I did not bother to fry this in any way. It's just room-temperature quinoa with cheese and basil.
Simplicity works sometimes.
Next step: poach an egg, 2-3 minutes in almost-boiling water.

Place poached egg on top of quinoa.
Sprinkle with salt and more grated pecorino.
Allow warm runny yolk to ooze.
A schmancy-ish and filling breakfast for sure, and done in about 5 minutes.


Chuck said...

This may be the break in the breakfast routine I have been looking for...yummy and quick. Thanks for the tip1

RocknRollGourmet said...

Don't skimp on the cheese. The cheese is key!