Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Wondizzard

I continue to fall into the trap of cooking something tasty and forgetting to document it. Of late there have been quite a few soups and panini.

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve. I traipsed through Brooklyn w/ the hubs and friends and even managed to get home before 2AM. Success!
As the hubs's birthday is January 2nd, he managed to celebrate his birthday with friends for a solid 3 days (and an additional celebratory dinner w/ my fam for Day 4) since he had friends in town and staying with us. There was The PeeWee Herman Show (shudder), Tron in IMAX 3D, brunch, shopping in SoHo (tho that was more errands I had to run but he managed to find a pair of Fluevogs on sale while the 2 pairs I wanted were sold out WORLDWIDE. Grrr...) and a LOT of spazzing in front of his new Kinect.
(I'd really like to be able to turn off that photo-capture aspect...)

And just in case you didn't believe that NYC got a lot of snow the day after Xmas:
That is the hubs atop a snow embankment on NYE.
There is no buried car underneath.
Still, it didn't seem like a prohibitive amount of snow when it fell (to me anyway), and I do think that too many people just sit on their hands and wait for the city to clean up after Mother Nature, rather than putting on some knee-high snow boots (which anyone living in this part of the country should own) and helping to dig their own crap out. 
This wasn't even an icy storm. The snow was fluffy and easy to shift off of cars.
People just didn't get off their butts to do it. 
And so they yelled at the sanitation department for not cleaning the outer boroughs fast enough, claiming Manhattan gets special treatment.
Well, as my hubs explained it, if you live in an outer borough, there might be 100 people on your block. If you live in Manhattan, there are over 1,000.
Yes. Manhattan gets plowed first.
Deal with it.
I mean, this is where you're trying to get to anyway, right?

With that controversial commentary done, I shall leave you with some "Day After" photos I took while snowed-in in NJ.
Because I forgot to take pictures when I was cooking all week.
(Click pics to enlarge)

Bluejays and cardinals abound

I think they actually found it easier to get to the (half-buried) feeder this way...

A pissed and puffy bluejay

You can see the snow blowing miles away

A peaceful snow blanket

Until the wind gusts again

Do not walk here.

I think he wanted to be on my side of the glass...

Il finito

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Chuck said...

Looks like a great place to spend a holiday. You were lucky to have cold and sunny...I had cold and overcast, which gave a whole different set of pictures. Top by tomorrow to take a gander at some of them. Love the bird shots BTW. Happy Cooking New Year!