Monday, January 24, 2011


Some few of you regulars may notice that I am posting rather at random, and then not very much at all.
Considering I am only a week or so away from my 1-year blogging anniversary, I really should be putting in a bit more time and effort.

Shot from the penultimate night at my regular joint.

The reasons are both good and bad. The sad part is that my usual karaoke bar is closing for good tonight, and none of us are happy about it. The family is being broken up against its will, and we're not sure where to go to next.

The GREAT distraction is that after a decade of illness and suffering, my dad has just gotten a new lung! So there is constant back-and-forth to the hospital and waiting and visiting and planning and figuring out what I can cook for him now that he will have so many new dietary restrictions.
It is both wonderful and emotionally exhausting.
So, forgive me if there's a bit of radio silence, or a lack of in-depth recipes for a little while.
Please check back in soon, as February 1st will be my 1-year, and I'll try to make a good post for that day especially. Besides, a girl's gotta eat.
Hope all of you and yours are happy and healthy.
-R'n'R Gourmet


Jennifer said...

Thinking of you.

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

I totally understand needing to take a break for a while. Congrats on your dad getting a new lung. I wish the best for him and you too!

Also, Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary! (I don't think there's a Hallmark card for that).

Chuck said...

So sorry to hear about your bar and your dad...but glad for him now. You have quite a cute "Emily Deschanel" look going on in your picture above.

Congrats on your 1 reminded me I missed my one year back on the 16th. I'll have to post about THAT now!