Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revamped Experiment

So, really, no takers on the Aztec Soup?
It's quite tasty.

Stolen from my own post, mentioned below
Another very tasty dinner I made tonight is essentially this fabulous meal of roasted acorn squash, which is then mixed into quick-cooking polenta (along with elements that make polenta tasty such as half & half, butter, salt, and ground dried sage), which acts as a base for leftover roast chicken which I toss into some marsala and porcini mushroom gravy, and on top of it all, a dollop of mascarpone cheese and a scattering of pistachios.

It is KILLER people.
And it's going to become a slightly more common dish in this house, what with the almost weekly roasting of chickens that happens around here. Forget side dish. This is now a meal that is good-to-go.
It ain't low-cal, but it is absolutely delicious.
Get on it.
(And enjoy your weekend!)

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Jennifer said...

That looks unbelievable. :)