Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Night Mac

I went arty taking this pic on my smartphone
When I was a child, one of my favorite "comfort foods" was elbow macaroni with melted butter and garlic salt. That's it. 
Not even any cheese!
Even as an adult, this is still one of my favorite comfort foods, and an occasional late night snack. And luckily, it couldn't be simpler to make.

Step 1 - Boil water. Salt the water. Cook your elbow mac as directed on the box, about 7 min.
This is pretty straightforward.

While that is boiling place a pat of butter in the bottom of your bowl, add a splash of cream (if I'm feeling more of a mac & cheese craving), and a sprinkle of garlic salt. The heat from the cooked pasta will melt and combine the two.
Be sure to drain your pasta well so it's not too watery.

If really fancy and have it on hand, I add some chopped fresh basil, and a sprinkling of grated parmigiano (again, if I'm in the mood for more of a mac & cheese version).
Stir to combine and coat the pasta, which will absorb some of the butter and cream as it settles.

A book on Monet, perhaps?
Sit back in under 15 minutes with your book and enjoy your late-night mac snackage.

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