Thursday, October 7, 2010

F*ck Frisée

I'm on a venting bender, I warn you.
Evil Roughage Trying To Take Over The World

I am so f*cking tired of being served Frisée. WHY is this a good thing to serve everywhere from frou-frou restaurants to Green Market rustic joints? Because it's "interesting to look at" as I read on one site discussing its use?

The Pretty To Look At Diet must work wonders.
Right up until you starve to death.

If it's pretty to look at, just plant it in your damned garden and let the deer eat it.
(Betcha they don't, tho!)

Even deer won't eat me!
I don't want to waste my time or calories on food that does not taste great. I do not eat so that I live. I live to eat. I am ALWAYS thinking about my next meal. And sometimes even the one after that.
I try to eat balanced meals whenever possible. In fact I do most of the time, but the idea of eating just so you have the energy to get through your day/life is just sad to me.
Which is why I do not understand the overabundance of Frisée on restaurant plates.
- It's bitter
- It's hard to stab with a fork
- It does not have a pleasant mouth feel
- It is difficult and costly to produce
- It doesn't even have nutritional value as a vegetable!!!


Serve me ANY of the following in ANY combination:
Butter Lettuce
Boston Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Red Leaf
Green Leaf
Hell even ICEBERG is better than Frisée.

Endive survives solely to be stuffed full of things that distract from the bitterness so you just enjoy the crunch and its handy boat-like shape.

But I say BAN THE FRISEE!!!!!

P.S. - raw Radicchio can go f*ck itself too. Everyone picks that shit out of their salad anyway.

End rant.


TB said...

I, too, leave the Frisee on my plate. The texture alone--blech. It messes up the entire salad if I accidentally get a bit of it on my fork!

Chuck said...

I am with you on the frisee AND the radicchio...lose them completely from my salad mix! I feel like Euell Gibbons eating that shit!

Jennifer said...