Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spanican Chicken

First full day of Fall in NYC and the weather is still hitting 80º for the high. Tomorrow* it's supposed to be 85º!!! Apparently, what with the killer heat all Summer and tornado last week, Mother Nature is still miffed at us. And again, I don't really blame her, but it remains confusing. 

*Hey, Sassy. I know I'm seeing you tonight, but now you know what the weather will be like tomorrow, so ditch the sweater dresses until you're back from Italy! (Ya lucky stinker...)

After our delicious Mexican meal at El Vez the hubs and I were craving those fabulous flavors again. So, I tried to make a rub for our chicken that would in some way satisfy our taste buds with what I already had in my spice cabinet.
Remember: the hubs will not eat avocado, sour cream, cold tomato salsa, etc., so I couldn't make this all that authentic of a meal. However, the finished product would have gone brilliantly with some guacamole.

I have no idea if I was making something that was more Mexican or more Spanish in style, so, this is Spanican Chicken!
Please, no one be offended by my attempts outside my comfort zone of cooking.
I mixed the following herbs and spices together in various pinches:
chili powder, cumin, dried oregano, coriander, smoked spanish paprika, and ground cloves.
Once I was happy with that mixture I added one large grated clove of garlic, and just enough olive oil to make it into a paste with which to paint the chicken.

Is that a beautiful color or what?
Let the chicken marinate for a couple hours so the flavors can really infuse the chicken.
Also, I did not salt the chicken until right before cooking.

While I was cooking the chicken I decided that a side of black beans would go brilliantly with the dish, so once the chicken was done, I added half a can of drained black bean soup. (Yes, Goya's black bean soup. Not just canned black beans. I sifted the beans out. I did not dump the soup liquid. That is some tasty stuff! Also, it is what I had when I looked in my pantry... it's a TOTAL cheat, but a really delicious one.) I heated the black beans through in the flavorful oil left after cooking the chicken, and added about a tablespoon of dry sherry to the pan for an extra kick. 
Note: If using canned black beans (and thereby also cooking with onion, garlic, seasonings, etc) I would definitely do this again. However, if using black bean soup, I'd skip it as it is already quite flavorful.

Top with minced raw onion or shallot when serving.

A side of roasted potatoes, and dinner was well rounded and very tasty.
No where NEAR as tasty as the meal at El Vez, but it was a valiant effort, if I do say so myself.
And, obviously, I do.


Lucky Punk said...

Yummo. The spice combination on the chicken sounds both inventive and delicious (although I have to watch my own personal spice experiments... sometimes they can go so so wrong). I just drove Van Wyck Parkway heading to JFK, and was shocked to see all the destruction to the trees lining the highway from the tornado. So crazy.

RocknRollGourmet said...

The key to spice experimentation, other than knowing what everything tastes like and how strong it is, is balance. And start small and add more as needed. Then you know how to work with them the next time.

I hope you weren't driving while reading my post, tho!

Chuck said...

Another tasty sounding and fairly simple meal. I have to add this one to the list!