Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gelato = Happiness In A Cup

I hope you all had a lovely labor day weekend. The hubs and I spent ours mostly chilling on our roof deck or on the couch catching up on recorded TV, with nary a BBQ rib in sight. (How totally Un-American of us. Watch out! Some Tea Party Twit is going to find this and launch an attack on all foodies for their Un-American appreciation of other cultures, ergo they must all be Socialists! Oh no!)

Where was I?
Oh, right, the couch.
But also wandering around the city, running errands, and cleaning the apartment and moving furniture so some stranger can spray poison around my apartment to prevent bed bugs moving down here from the upstairs neighbors, who apparently have them. Ick.
(I have to remove my cats for 4 hrs so they don't breathe the poison... and I don't have a car in which to go somewhere... and I don't have a friend living within 90 blocks of me to hang out with... so I'm going to have to haul them on foot to the park and be A Crazy Lady in the park w/ two cat carriers and a book (right side up, so you know I'm a sane/safe one) and try not to be bored out of my skull sitting on a bench for four hours...FUN!)

Did I have a point or was this just a post full of tangents?
No wait, I DID have a point!
While wandering the city, the hubs and I decided to walk the 40-odd blocks home from Columbus Circle because it was actually a lovely day in the mid-70's. On our way uptown I finally stopped in at a legitimate gelateria (legitimate = totally sourced from Italy and done right. You WILL notice the difference!) called Grom that opened about two years ago and that I have been really wanting to go to.

Hubs: Do you want to stop for gelato?
Me: Of course! Yay!
Me: So why did it take until the first day below 96º for me to finally go out for gelato?
Hubs: Because you don't leave the house when it's 96º out.
Me: Touché

From NYU mag of all places
Not like this place needs more publicity, because there is almost always a line outside the door, but it is really, really, really good stuff. At first you look at the prices and say, "$5 for a small?!?! Are you nuts?!" but then you get over that when you take your first bite of rich creamy goodness. A small is two scoops, so I got one of the Bacio (basically nutella in gelato form. swoon.) and one of Torroncino ("nougat" flavor, made from hazelnuts and honey) and I was in heaven. Totally blissed out. The hubs picked Cioccolato Fondente (super rich!) and Crema di Grom, which is like an egg cream flavor w/ chocolate chips. He just barely shared a bite of each with me.

I shall be treating myself more often in the future, no matter the temperature out. I'd say that you should too... but only if you're in line behind me ;)

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Chuck said...

Sadly no gelato shops anywhere near me...just TCBY, yuck!