Friday, August 13, 2010

It was Kismet

Greetings from San Francisco! Taking tons of food notes, but with three more days here that post will have to wait. First I must recap Kismet, NY.

Our trip to Fire Island was definitely a success, and you know it was a good time because other than coming home with more bruises, freckles, and double vision in one eye (a solid night's rest set that to rights tho), I only managed to take pictures on the first night we were there.

And it was a good night.
 Most of the night was spent dancing on the table.

Some strange fairy/ghost crashed the party pictures too...
  As well as dancing on futons and belting songs along with the stereo.
 The instigators of the Table Dancing, also the friends that invited us out there ;)

Proof I was actually there and these aren't stolen photos
 The house we stayed in happens to have the highest roof around, which is a deck, so the sunsets are quite excellent.

The end.

P.S. - There was also teriyaki steak, roasted potatoes, salads, "Bob rice", green beans, tomatoes, mangos, plums, flounder two ways, just about anything you could possibly want to snack on, and many many many many drinks.

P.P.S - We also spent three lovely days on the beach, but the effort of lifting a camera at that point was just too much. Had to conserve for nighttime shenanigans. See above.

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