Monday, August 9, 2010

Flowers In My Hair

It's summer time and the hubs is on vacation from teaching, and we're taking a trip to SF for our nephew's first birthday!
Hence there shall be a brief hiatus in my posts.
I'm sure you'll forgive me... I mean, how can you not? 
Look at those cheeks!!!
Happy Kid
We gave him the hat and an ACDC shirt that says, "For those about to walk, we salute you." We will make him awesome.

San Francisco Baby
 Spittin' image of his daddy. Genes are amazing things.

Also, spent the weekend in Fire Island with friends, made new ones, and ate a lot of food. Probably drank even more wine than we ate food, which is why I needed to sleep for 11 hrs last night.
Updates on that later as well.
But now to pack for mellower climes.
You have no idea how excited I am to wear jeans and a comfy shirt for a week. (Various clean ones each day, of course.) It's kind of sad, but I am really over the whole "It's so hot I can only wear this flimsy frock" weather. I welcome any weather that brings a light hoodie into the equation.
And now: to pack.


Sassy said...

Have fun darlin! Let's make a date for when you get back.

Jennifer said...

Yay! Have fun!