Friday, August 19, 2011

Breakfast Zucchini Pizza

Take home your leftovers whenever possible.
Because really, you've paid for your meal, you may as well get to eat it all!
Granted, some things are harder to rejuvenate the next day, but in general, I'm all for doggy bags. Especially as I am more of a Grazer than a 3-Squares-A-Day type of gal.

Below see a gorgeous half zucchini pizza from Franny's that I just could not finish the night before.
Now known as Breakfast Pizza.

I opted to add a poached egg because I like the runny yolk and soft white, but if that's not your style an egg fried in bacon fat would be a perfect topper for this (including some crumbled bacon, of course.)
You've got carbs, vegetables, and protein ready to go.
Just make sure to use a skillet to re-crisp your pizza crust while your egg is cooking.

I do not understand countries that don't believe in doggy bags.
Like my dear beloved Italy, a country that knows not to waste stale bread because they can thicken soups with it or make a panzanella salad, but they don't believe in taking home leftovers.
Luckily I'm writing this in the USA, so doggy bags are go!
Get creative with your leftovers next time.

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