Friday, November 5, 2010

I Don't Cook with Political Correctness

Why not?
1 - I am not a Vegetarian. Eating the flesh of other creatures seems fairly un-P.C. to me on whatever scale you might use. (But it's tasty!)
2 - I am not a Vegan (In my book, a sure sign of sanity, if I ever there was one.)
3 - I have recently rediscovered veal, and I reeeeeeeeeeeeally like it.

I have made a supremely delicious veal ragú recently, and I have since moved on to veal chops. Tonight's dish:
Veal Chops w/ Sage Drizzle and Buttered Peas

Sage is an interesting herb. I think it's one of the herbs I can't always place when I'm eating something. That, and when I cook with it I can't help petting it, marveling that someone picked a fragrant, fuzzy leaf and deemed it edible.
The fuzz-factor kind of throws me off.
However, on to the meal.

For the veal chops:

Sprinkle both sides with salt (and pepper if you like) and chopped sage. Press the sage into the sides of the meat.
In a hot skillet on medium heat, melt 1 TBSP olive oil with 1 TBSP butter. When almost rippling, add the veal chops and cook for about 5 minutes on each side. (1" thick chops)

Once you remove the chops from the pan, deglaze with white wine and cook down to create your "Sage Drizzle".
Aside: OMG I cooked a meal without garlic!!! Someone check me for a fever!

For the peas, I melted a tiny bit of butter and oil in a pan and fried a couple whole sage leaves to infuse the oil/butter mixture. (Also saved for presentation of the dish.) Then I added the peas and cooked them until tender, about 3-5 minutes.
This meal was very delicate in flavor, so don't make it if you're taste buds are crying out for a balsamic kick or the zing of fresh ginger.
However, it was juicy and delicious, and I wanted a whole extra chop after finishing the meal.

Aside: Last night I saw "The Merchant of Venice" on Broadway with Al Pacino in the role of Shylock. The cast was really solid, and Pacino was very good... tho occasionally I thought he was just being crazy Pacino instead of vindictive Shylock. And anyone in the first 5 rows got a personal baptism from Pacino's very lips. (I'm glad I was a bit farther back...)
If you can't make it to NYC, you can always watch it (with this very pretty cast...) on dvd

Tonight: Interpol!

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Jennifer said...

Pacino is the only person I've seen play Shylock in a way that made the character really make sense. Most people play him as slightly mad (the crazy Jew) instead of as a man who's been reviled his entire life and has now lost the only thing that matters to him.

Thank you for being un-PC for those of us who can't eat red meat. That looks delish.