Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coney Island

So it is deeeezguuuzting in NYC today (Sunday). Roughly 90 degrees out and the only thing to be done is to hide in the living room watching movies with the AC cranked. Thankfully I convinced the hubs to help me install the AC in our living room window on Thursday night, so we are camping out on the couch until the temperature breaks.
(Seriously, Mother Nature, it is only JUNE and you have been cranking the heat for weeks. Please remember how lovely the mid 60-70º weather can be and give us a little break... at this rate August will either be 105º or 60º...)

We did venture out yesterday tho, as it was the 30th birthday of a good friend of mine from college and she decided the best way to celebrate was to go to Coney Island.
She was at least partially right. I think the correct sentiment is: The best way to go to Coney Island is on your birthday, because then everyone gives you all the tickets they win at Skeeball and every other game they play.
Skeeball crew
And once you trade in the 750 tickets your friends have won for you, you can get a fantastically hideous peacock candlestick to always remember your 30th birthday by. 
(You know that thing will be priceless to you by the time you're 50...)

 They'll also give you any stuffed toys they win in the claw machine, and the hubs let her pick the giant prize when we all played the water-gun race game thing and he won, as he rightly should have. 
(Note: he has never won me anything.) 
She got a giant Hello Kitty. 
(I believe she gave away Hello Kitty around 11PM to someone at the Brooklyn Museum Dance Party. I hope they appreciate their prize.)
And of course, when in Coney Island, you must eat at the Original Nathan's hot dog joint.
 Note: that is not the one actually on the boardwalk, but one block inland.
(Another note: never order their lobster roll. It is vile. Stick w/ the hot dogs and fries.)
My favorite thing by far that I had to eat was a soft-serve chocolate ice cream that actually had flecks of chocolate throughout it. 
It was perfection on a hot day. 

Before we really got to the boardwalk portion of Coney Island, we started the birthday jaunt off with a ride on the historic wooden roller coaster The Cyclone, which will be 83 years old at the end of June. 

I had not ridden a roller coaster in the last decade. Growing up I rode many roller coasters, from little ones on NJ boardwalks, to Disney world rides, to Six Flags super coasters, but I think I actually went through the whole of my twenties without riding one. 
And now, at 30, I may never ride another roller coaster so long as I live.

Don't get me wrong, the ride itself was exhilarating and fun. However, an 83 year old wooden roller coaster seems to have a grudge against the humans riding it. Especially if you have neck or spinal injuries/issues. (I have had bad whiplash twice, and the vertebrae in my neck grew arching the wrong way, causing regular back pain and headaches, shoulder issues, etc.. However, none of this kept me off roller coasters when younger. I always came out perfectly fine.)
This coaster actually tried to crush my head straight down through and into my sternum, making me about 5 inches shorter than usual. I do not remember ANY coaster doing this to me in the past, but I am typing this blog post from traction. Or at least I should be, as there is only one standing position that does not cause me pain today.
So, kiddies, learn from me. If you have any kind of back or neck issues, just be the nice friend who takes the pictures and holds the purses while everyone else has fun on The Cyclone.
(I'm 30 and I sound like I'm 80. Le sigh.)

I did not have any issues with the Wonder Wheel though, which is that bright thing I was trying to take a picture of from the subway on our way home.
And if you ride on it, I suggest riding in the swinging cages, rather than the stationary ones. Much more exciting. See?

As with so many rides, it's kind of a rip off to just ride a slow wheel around once w/ stops and once all the way around, but now I can say I have ridden on two historical monuments in Coney Island. 
Can you say that?
Well I know you can, I wasn't talking to you.
But you, in the blue top.
You know you can't say that, so don't even try.

Anyway, Summer is clearly upon us, and the world is flocking to waterfronts to beat the heat.
But today, I'm sticking with AC so I don't stick to the couch.
At least until whatever tornado (yes, there is a tornado watch in effect in NYC right now) or thunder storm comes through to break the heat.


Joe Ambrosino said...

There are a couple of very good Italian restaurants in Coney Island from the old days.

RocknRollGourmet said...

Yes, and I some day after traveling for an hour and a half to Coney Island, I will get to enjoy them! But most people I know go to Coney Island for the novelty, and so want to round out the "experience" with a Nathan's hot dog.