Friday, June 25, 2010

Breakfast Prosciutto Cups

Having a big brunch party and don't want to have people eating in shifts? I have a delicious solution for you, via Rachael Ray. (I know. She's not my usual resource, but this was a really good idea. Plus she called it "Green Eggs & Ham" which was just cute...)
With this dish you can cook for a dozen (or more) and have everyone sit down at the same time.

I made this over Mother's Day weekend, and even my father, who is much harder to please food-wise than my mother, enjoyed this. He kindly told me after devouring every bite that he did not expect to like it when I put it in front of him. 
The hubs, being a breakfast lover, was truly psyched when I made this for just the two of us one weekend out of the blue. 
Preheat your oven to 375º
I start this by folding slices of prosciutto into cupcake tins. You can substitute deli ham if you prefer... but really, why would you prefer deli ham to prosciutto???
No need to grease the pan, as the natural fat in the prosciutto will allow these little beauties to release on their own.

For the filling I used defrosted chopped spinach, which I sautéed in a pan with olive oil, salt, minced shallot and garlic (half a small shallot and one small clove of garlic), and grated nutmeg (only a fine dusting for one package).  Once the shallot and garlic have softened and the spinach heated through, add about 3 tablespoons of cream or half & half, whatever you have on hand. Let this cook out and combine for just a couple minutes. 

 (Note: if cooking for many people, definitely use boxed frozen spinach. One large container of fresh spinach wilts down to be only enough to fill about 3 cups, and will cost much more. Since this is baked, you will not be able to taste the difference between fresh and frozen at all.)

Then place a spoonful or two of the spinach mixture into each prosciutto cup.
Pat down to create a well.

Into each well crack one egg. Season the top of each cup with a little salt (and pepper if you like pepper).
Note: crack the egg into a separate container and then add it.
Large Note: Do not use Jumbo eggs for this dish. There will be too much egg to fit in the cupcake tin and it will spill over. Stick to large eggs.

Carefully slide your trays into a 375º oven to bake.
For still slightly runny yolks, cook for about 12 minutes.
For fully cook-through yolks, cook for about 18 minutes.
Either way, keep an eye on them as ovens vary.

To remove I simply slide a butter knife around the edge of each prosciutto cup and then lever them out gently. Try to avoid touching the yolk, as you do not want to break the tops.
How cute are they?!
I of course made extra spinach as I like to have vegetables with my eggs/breakfast whenever possible. Serve with some nice toast, maybe a mimosa,  and enjoy your hot breakfast!


Joe Ambrosino said...

As much as I hate to admit it, that isn't a bad idea from RR. I would have added a layer of ricotta cheese between the egg and spinach (just to prove I can outdo RR)

WarriorCandy said...

wow!!! awesome looking!