Monday, September 5, 2011

London, Returned

Well, yes, we made it, but Hurricane Irene denied us 2 days of our vacation, so there were no romantic trips to outlying villages or day trips to Oxford or Canterbury.
But if you ignore the horrid head cold I had for the entire trip, it was still a lovely time.
Some highlights:

Accidentally caught the end of the guards' march.
They do pomp right in England.

Look! I found the corner that I stole borrowed the other pic from!

This is me and the hubs sitting in the back of a double-decker bus. It's quite bouncy on the top, hence the fuzzy photo. I have to hand it to London tho, as their buses are much more frequent and convenient than NYC buses. (Tho they have no express subways, so it can take an hour to get from one end of London to the other.)

And now, to Nerd Out.

We went to "The Doctor Who Experience" and were just about the only adult couple there without children. (Some kids came dressed as the Doctor. Kinda cute.)
It makes sense that British children would like the show as it's about time travel and has monsters and aliens and yet no blood, gore, or cursing (so, happy parents) but as far as I know, "Doctor Who" is only a hit with the 20-40 group in America.
I'll totally introduce my nephew to it once the Hubs is done showing him every comic book he deems important.
So, maybe when he's 9?


Well, a model anyway.

I remember seeing The Silence.

There were costumes from most of the main characters as well as the monsters, but I particularly liked seeing the bit from "The Doctor's Wife." Neil Gaiman did really well writing that one.

The Hubs was classy when we had lunch at the Tate Modern.

Walking the Millenium Bridge toward St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Tower of London (facing Tower Bridge)

Tower Bridge (made miniature by me, that is the real bridge)

Inside the walls of The Tower

Useful notices (note the rat attacking the achilles tendon)

It was interesting to see the various parts added and rebuilt over time and after fires and wear and tear.

The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

Not what I think of when I think Ferrari...

Sherlock Holmes address
Interestingly this is next to the Sherlock Holmes "museum" and not along Abbey Road

This was our local pub in Dalston, East London

And the obligatory wasting of the last of the £ on English chocolate.
I should have bought more!

I didn't actually like this candy bar, but I had to giggle like an immature child at the description.

It took 3 trains, 2 planes, a bus and a subway over 17 hrs (almost to the minute) for us to get home, but it was still a good trip. Next time however I will be healthy if I have to inject myself with experimental drugs.

Back to recipes and real life now.
Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend!


Chuck said...

Sounds like a great trip in spite of the head cold. Ironic I just caught the first ever episode I have seen of Dr Who (by accident) so I actually recognized the TARDIS! Great pics and glad you made it home safely.

Jennifer said...

You were IN the TARDIS!

RocknRollGourmet said...

Yes, yes I was. And apparently I saved The Doctor from being trapped inside The Pandorica 2 (The Doctor was unimpressed that the second one was the same color as the first. Lacking creativity he thought.)