Friday, April 1, 2011

Totally Pointless

Just in case anyone here doesn't know, the term "April Fool" was coined for the people who were resistant or slow to changing to the new Gregorian calendar in the 16th century (which accounted for the difference of 11 seconds of each vernal equinox from year to year by incorporating "leap day", without which over a few hundred years would throw it off by over a week) but the REAL point was that it declared New Year's Day to be January 1st, not April first.
Anyone who had not adopted the new calendar was referred to as "An April Fool".

But as far as the more modern usage of an April Fool's joke or prank, the item below might work for a gift.
Because really, even as a gift for "the person who has everything" who the hell needs silver-plated mussel extractors???

If it's THAT hard to remove the mussel, you didn't cook it correctly and shouldn't eat it anyway.
And what if you get some of those ginormous mussels? They won't fit in there!
They should at least come in varying sizes if you want to pretend that these are practical.
However, if you need to keep your dainty digits clean while scarfing your shellfish and you just can't live without one, you can find them here.

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