Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Earned It!

OK, I said I'd stay away until the New Year rolled around, but I just couldn't resist sharing what a dear friend sent to me in a Christmas card this year:

How cute is that?!
I was never a Girl Scout as a child. I was too busy playing softball, riding horses, and dancing after school to be part of any other organization. Plus I hate uniforms for the most part, as well as people who sell things door to door.
However, I am so very very proud to have earned this honorary Cooking Merit Badge.
At least, I've earned it according to Beth.
And she's a very smart girl.
So I'm just gonna go with it, and it is now hanging in my kitchen!
Thanks again, lady, and Happy Holidays!
(& Happy Birthday Beth!!!!)

And for those of you still snowed-in, I feel your pain. As we were originally snowed-in in NJ, I spent my day making French Onion Soup and roasting 2 chickens. When we finally felt the need to get back home to NYC, it took a Jeep in very slow traffic to a train, which was then shifted off track to another station that it was not supposed to go to (I saw flames on the snow-covered tracks as we passed them but I doubt that was the reason, but still, FLAMES on SNOW-COVERED tracks. WTF?!?!) which lead us to the PATH train as suddenly NJ Transit was not leaving NJ, which then dumped us in the wrong part of Manhattan, and we then walked in the wrong direction carrying 4 bags and 2 cats, as though we were freakin' TOURISTS! 
So we had to take 2 more packed local trains home.
But we made it.
And all is well.
Merry Merry.
Stay warm.
And pay young people to shovel for you.


Joanna said...

Congratulations! Well deserved, well earned and beautiful!

What a trek you endured home! But at least you are both young & healthy and in great shape - you CAN slog through snow laden with bags and cats - and you arrive at home, victorious! And I have no doubt you make that home as picture-postcard cozy as a scene from "White Christmas"!

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

How cute, Congrats on the honorary merit badge! Glad to hear that you did make it home safely, even though it wasn't the route you would have preferred to take. Stay warm!